Sheriff’s office investigating several thefts from vehicles in the Cox’s Creek area


Friday, July 3, 2020, 10:30 a.m. — The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a number of thefts that took place overnight and which were reported Friday morning.

Thefts were reported so far Friday morning from vehicles on Sherman Oaks Drive and Spring Court. The items stolen include personal items and a hand gun. The sheriff’s office was also called regarding an apparent vehicle theft from a residence in Cox’s Creek.

The best way to avoid being a victim of vehicle theft is to always lock your vehicle and remove any valuables from the vehicle whenever you aren’t in it.

Unlocked vehicles parked in driveways represent “crimes of opportunity” to potential thieves who may be checking car doors in your neighborhood. Do not leave valuable items in a vehicle, even if you have them hidden out of sight.


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