After 6 hours of testimony, grand jury no true bill in Jamie Keene death


Friday, Sept. 18, 2020 — A Nelson County Grand Jury heard six hours of testimony on Wednesday related to the April 2020 death of Jamie Keene and declined to issue an indictment in the case against the alleged perpetrator.


During the testimony, members of the grand jury heard from witnesses, investigating officers, and an expert requested by the Keene family.

According to a statement by the office of Commonwealth’s Attorney Terry Geoghegan, Keene’s death was investigated for weeks by the Bardstown Police Department.

“They interviewed witnesses, collected pertinent security video of events, canvassed the neighborhood, collected evidence, secured autopsy reports, collected social media data, cell phone data, financial data and all relevant evidence.”

After hearing the evidence, the grand jury returned a “no true bill,” which means they failed see evidence that criminal charges were appropriate. The decision was based on the evidence and testimony provided the grand jury.

According to the press release from Geoghegan’s office, grand jury’s decision was based on Kentucky’s self-defense laws which include the “Castle Doctrine.” According to state law, a person who isn’t engaged in illegal activity and is attacked in a place where they have the right to be has no duty to retreat. Under state law, anyone who uses a weapon in self-defence is immune from criminal and civil law.

Now that the grand jury has completed its review of the evidence, the records gathered from that investigation are available via open records request.

“While no charges were returned, the death of Jamie Keene is a tragedy. The thoughts, prayers and sympathies of the Bardstown Police Department and the 10th Circuit Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office are extended to the family and friends of this very popular and well-loved young man.”


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