Letter: McGrath has ‘clear and solid plans’ for Kentucky, the nation

To the Editor,

Senatorial candidate Amy McGrath presented an impressive and comprehensive legislative agenda at her Bullitt County rally on October 19. There were no vague or unrealistic campaign promises — only clear and solid plans for Kentucky and the nation. I was encouraged by her address.

McGrath will vote to increase the federal minimum wage (which McConnell has refused to raise at least 20 times).

She will work to provide affordable healthcare for all Americans (the GOP has no plan to replace the ACA.) She will work to create universal pre-K education for all. She will push for Universal Public Service, creating new jobs as well as opportunities for college graduates to eliminate burdensome student loans.

McGrath will create new good jobs and help the economy recover by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. She believes climate change is a science which can provide good jobs and enhance the God-given beauty and life-sustaining characteristics of our nation and our world.

She will seek to create term limits for the Senate and the House, and eliminate “dark money” political contributions from special interest groups such as Big Pharma, which I believe raises prescription drug costs.

A former Marine fighter pilot, McGrath flew 89 combat missions against al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Toward the end of her service, McGrath worked as a political adviser, a liaison officer, and an instructor at the United States Naval Academy.

McGrath has a solid plan to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Jack Morrison


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