Outgoing party chair calls for unity, forgiveness within county Republican party

To The Editor:

I owe a humble, special debt of gratitude and thanks to some amazing people that worked tirelessly, during and prior to me becoming chair of the NCRPK. None of these people were paid, but yet spent tireless hours and blood, sweat and tears that have gone into building a local party. What was accomplished over this time period was mostly due to their labor and not mine I can assure you. We had a Social Media Committee of 5 people that created what is the 3rd most popular Republican Party Facebook Page in the state (in followers) only behind Jefferson and Fayette Counties. The integrity and honor these incredible people have humbles me.

People that spent hours in the July heat to make our Fair Booth a success to organizing the Trump Train. We were one of the top growth counties percentage wise in the state for Republican registrations.

Again this was mostly due to an amazing team, in spite of me not because of me.

I made a lot of mistakes over my tenure for which I apologize for. All we can do as human beings is try and learn from our mistakes and correct them. As a party will never agree on everything but I truly believe we can and should work together on things we do agree on.

So to my friends and colleagues on the former county committee Thank You from the bottom of my heart! You deserve more credit than people will ever know! I do believe we helped make a difference!

HATS OFF TO YOU MY FRIENDS! And best of luck to Chairman Trey Bradley, vice chair James Victery, Secretary David Floyd and Treasurer Beth Lear. We again have a chance to do what is in the best interest of the party, I am hopeful the wounds of the past can be healed, because our future is bright if we unite!

Don Thrasher
High Grove

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