Letter: Let the people vote on the county schools’ proposed merger plan

Dear Editor,

There is a large group of people in Nelson County that feel they don’t have a voice in government. The Nelson County Schools Local Planning Committee voted to approve a merger plan last night. The plan, if approved by the Kentucky Department of Education, will go to the board of education for a vote.

Given that $30 million or more could be spent on this, I think it is time to invoke KRS 162.080, which states in relevant part: “Upon request of the board of education of any district, the county clerk shall submit to the qualified voters of the district, the question as to whether bonds shall be issued for the purpose. The question shall be so framed that the voter may by his vote answer “for” or “against.”

Any member of the Nelson County School Board that is unwilling to put such a large question to the vote of the people should be replaced.

The taxpayers of Nelson County want and need a voice on how their money is spent. We have the fifth highest property tax rates among the 120 county school districts.

People are upset at the burden these high taxes are creating. This is too big of a decision to not allow for a democratic vote on the issue. Let The People Decide.

Don Thrasher
High Grove

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