Nelson County woman seeking to unseat McCoy in 50th District 2022 primary


Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021 — Nelson County resident Candy Hawks-Massaroni will file Wednesday, Dec. 1st, to be a Republican candidate in the May 2022 primary for 50th District state representative.


In a press release, she describes herself as a U.S. Air Force veteran and a staunch constitutional conservative who believes current state Rep. Chad McCoy no longer represents the average conservative of Nelson County.

McCoy failed to support the drive for Second Amendment Sanctuary status for Nelson County, implying it was another do nothing, feel good resolution. Hawks-Massaroni believes that conservatives have a right to ask their leaders to reinforce their support for the Second Amendment.

Unlike McCoy, her press release notes she will not accept political donations from lobbyists or political action committees.

As a mother, her first priority is to fight for conservative family values not big business or special interests. She is a Christian that believes if legislation is not backed up by the Bible or the Constitution she will not vote for it.

She has proposed a series of Town Hall debates with McCoy to allow citizens the chance to question both candidates.

DEADLINE APPROACHING. The deadline to file for the May 2022 primary election is 4 p.m. Friday, Jan. 7, 2022.


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