Nelson Fiscal Court: 300 tons of road salt on its way to refill county stockpile

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022, 1 p.m. — At their virtual meeting Tuesday morning, Nelson Fiscal Court heard that the county’s road crews used approximately 278 tons of salt on the county’s road for the Jan. 6th snow event that hit the county.

On that Thursday, the county’s road equipment was blocked by the traffic gridlock that brought traffic to a standstill in the Bardstown area. The low temperatures on Friday meant that what salt was applied worked with reduced efficiency.

The county has already ordered an additional 300 tons of salt to help replacle what’s been used.

LANDFILL BULLDOZER. The court heard that the landfill’s bulldozer is in need of repairs or replacement. A new one can run as much as $400,000, and the recommendation was to consider $80,000 for the repair of the unit.

The court approved the expense to repair rather than replace.

HIGH LIFT. The county is expecting to eventually replace its high lift at the landfill. Due to the long lead time for delivery of a new one — nine months to a year — Judge Executive Dean Watts suggested getting a bid now and locking in a price and plan the purchase in the 2022-23 budget.

The prices for a new piece of equipment is about $400,000.

Magistrate Eric Shelburne asked if the county could consider leasing a high lift rather than purchasing one every five years or so. Watts said the county could advertise for either purchase or lease of a new unit and then evaluate the cost.

In other business, Nelson Fiscal Court:

— reappointed Doug Cornett and Mark Ethridge to the Joint City-County Planning Commission.

— appointed Ron Griffith and Mike Ballard to the Nelson County Board of Adjustments.

— approved an easement request from the City of Bardstown in regard to a sewer main that will pass along one corner of the Dean Watts Park property. The easement will allow the city access to the line should it be required for maintenance or repairs.


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