Letter: Correcting ‘misleading’ and ‘false’ information stated about Tim Hutchins

To the editor,

Mr. Richard Hardin can support anyone he chooses (see Hardin’s letter posted below), however when his statements are inaccurate and misleading, his comments should be flagged as such. To clear up any misleading and false information written by Mr. Hardin, please read my comments below. Please note that I do not know Mr. Bill Gentry personally and I am not privy to his opinions. I do, however, know Tim Hutchins.

Tim Hutchins has been a steady fixture in the Nelson County community his entire life. He has been involved in just about every aspect of city, county, school, civic, recreation, business and church functions for most of his adult life.

As a magistrate, he always fought for lower taxes. Gun control has never been an issue for Nelson County, and Mr. Hutchins has been an NRA member for many years.

The most inaccurate statement that was recently made by Richard Hardin’s recent letter to the editor was his statement about Tim Hutchins and the abortion battle. Timi Hutchins is 100 percent against abortion. He has been a lifetime, active member of St. Gregory the Great parish. He has never been shy about his stance on abortion, and anyone who knows Tim knows this.

Karie French

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