Letter: Writer defends earlier letter regarding political party loyalty

To the editor,

I recently wrote a letter to the editor of the Kentucky Standard about party loyalty. In my letter I stated that two of the gentlemen running for Nelson County judge executive switched parties to run for office. That is a true statement.

I challenge all of the good people who think my statements were wrong to read the Democrat Party Platform. I challenge you to go back to when these two men held office as Democrats. Then tell me I was wrong in my statement and I would be man enough to admit I was wrong.

I once made the comment that I would rather vote for a Liberal Democrat than a Republican who does not have a clue what they stand for. It is easy to say I stood for this or that, but did you get elected in a Political Party that went against your convictions?

One thing is for certain — I am very glad that we are having political debates again in the Republican Party!

Richard Hardin
Cox’s Creek

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