COVID update: Record numbers of new cases keeps Nelson County in Top 20


Monday, Jan. 31, 2022 — Nelson County ended the last week of January 2022, with near-record numbers of new COVID-19 cases, though the high numbers appear to have started to decline.

In the last seven days, Nelson County reported 980 new COVID-19 cases, which topped the previous week’s record of 748 new cases. However, when one examines the day-by-day total, the last three days have seen significantly fewer new cases — a trend that Gov. Andy Beshear said indicated the state may have “turned a corner” in its battle with COVID-19.

As of Monday’s COVID-19 report, Nelson County had 63 new COVID-19 cases — which was less than one-third the number of new cases reported last Friday.

Nelson County is still ranked No. 20 in the total number of COVID cases. At 126 deaths, the county is 26th in the state for total COVID-related deaths.

State COVID-19 totals do not include the number of positive results from home testing kits.

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