Letter: America First Caucus Lincoln Day event offers candidates a chance to speak

To the editor,

A recent invitation was sent out from the Nelson County Republican Party and the Nelson County Organization of Republican Women for this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner. Until COVID-19 hit, this had been an annual joint event to promote republican candidates in upcoming elections. Each candidate would be introduced and given time to speak. If there were no candidates, incumbents were featured. Usually there is a lovely dinner, a keynote speaker, and some fundraising. This year, candidates are invited, but as part of the audience. No opportunity will be given for them to speak.

It saddened me after working many years as president of the Republican Women and as an officer for the Nelson County Republican Party to see the current party leaders take a new direction. The party has fought hard to build the number of Republicans in the county and to get candidates to run. We should be celebrating those willing to put forth their time and talents to represent us. That, in the past, had been the primary focus of the Lincoln Day Dinner here in Nelson County.

To fill this void, the Nelson County America First Caucus is hosting a candidate forum prior to the dinner to give voters a chance to hear the candidates. County Republicans can attend one or the other or both events. I am glad for this opportunity to hear what candidates have to say so, as voters, we can make informed choices in this year’s primary! There is nothing like meeting a candidate face to face!

Brenda Alexander

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