Letter: Supports Thrasher as the only ‘true conservative’ in GOP judge executive race

To My Fellow Republicans:

As we fast approach the May 17th Primary, the future of the Nelson County GOP and a better way of government is at stake.

In the race for County Judge/Executive, ONE man, a few years ago stepped into the arena of politics , knowing people would heckle and criticize him. That man, Don Thrasher. They worked hard for him to fail as the GOP Chairman. Negativity was all they had. He kept the faith and courage and grew into a leader. Don Thrasher is ready to lead Nelson County forward with the energy that we need. Those that hated on his success, lack the very courage to step forward and lead!

You say it is a risk to vote for Don Thrasher. Remember “No Risk No Reward!” The people of Nelson County will be richly rewarded with Don Thrasher as our County Judge Executive.

When everyone else was silent, and not speaking up against bad policy and government, one voice did so in a powerful way. That voice for all of us who love our community and want the best for Nelson County will be and is Don Thrasher for County Judge Executive!

Let’s all of us Trumpers join together and elect a man of courage! Don Thrasher the only true conservative!

Richard Hardin
Trump 2016/2020 County Chairman
Cox’s Creek

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