Letter: Massaroni will excel as 50th District’s new state representative

To the editor,

One of the brightest things to happen in Republican politics in Kentucky took place on Primary Election Tuesday this week. One of the most genuine Patriots became our new state representative.

Candy Massaroni called me last year and was willing to run for 3rd District magistrate. I told her Philip Bischoff was already running; I then asked her if she would consider running against incumbent state Rep. Chad McCoy, and without hesitation, she said absolutely.

To someone like me that knows how hard it is to get people just to go vote, much less run for office, this was incredible to me. Candy supported me with a contribution when I ran against Chad so I knew she was serious. I have gotten to know one of the most amazing, God fearing Patriots I have ever met.

She has no Democrat running against her so she is our new state representative. God had a hand in that election Tuesday, because even Mitch McConnell PACs were trying to defeat her. There is not a doubt in my mind Candy Hawks-Massaroni will be a champion for God, Family and Country in Frankfort.

Don Thrasher
High Grove

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