Nelson County Marriage Licenses — September 2021

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of June 2021 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Clifton Lee Rodgers II, 44, ex-chef, Bardstown, and Salina Marie Coggeshall, 43, Groomer, Westview.

Melvin J. Settles, 47, pressman, Bardstown, and Danielle L. Jarrell, stay at home mom, Bardstown.

Gregory Stephen Barkham Jr, 23, electronics technician, New Haven, and Tori Elizabeth Nalley, 21, student, New Haven.

Johnathan Brady Hamilton, 31, extrusion adjuster, Bardstown, and Cara Michelle Newberry, 33, loan officer, Bardstown.

Eric Paul Nalley, 42, mechanic, New Haven, and Vanessa Jo Conder, 48, office manager, New Haven.

William Scott Hardin, 50, brinks home security, Bloomfield, and Elizabeth Ann Obrien, 50, Nelson County Board of Education, Bardstown.

Jeremy David Kissel, 38, unemployed, Bardstown, and Tiffany Nicole Brown, 28, mechanical design supervisor, Bardstown.

Thomas Joseph Boster, 51, finance, St. Louis, Mo., and Tiffany Ann Peppers, 37, office supervisor, St. Louis, Mo.

Martin Scott Wheatley, 30, KSP trooper, Bardstown, and Taylor Nichole Murphy, 29, internal consultant, Bardstown.

Francis Ronald Medley Jr, 35, JP Morgan, Bardstown, and Kaitlyn Quinn Harned, 28, sales quote specialist, Bardstown.

Austin Tyler Kennedy, 23, industrial maintenance,Chaplin, and Kelly, Elizabeth Burba, 25, industrial sales, Chaplin.

Jeremy Glenn Hall, 46, disability, Bardstown and Jennifer Nicole Latham, 36, disability, Bardstown.

Jonathan Michael Kays, 24, laborer, Bardstown, and Rachel Marie Krish, 24, hr assistant, Bardstown.

Jacob Ramon Cervantes, 26, plumber, Bardstown and McKenzie Sue Roadhouse, 23,nursing student, Bardstown.

Robert Christopher Meng, 58, investments, Bardstown, and Deborah Ann Nork, 52, sales representative, Bardstown.

Brandon Patrick Burman, 28, merge operator, Bardstown, and Alexis Dawn Masden, 25, medical assistant, Bardstown.

Andrew Kyle Whitaker, 26, logistics, Bardstown, and Lacey McKall Johnson, 25, bank teller, Greensburg.

Austin Tyler Coolidge, 22, Technician, Bloomfield, and Alexis Denise Bishop, 20, office assistant, Bloomfield.

Javier Betancourt Gonzalez, 28, mechanic, Bardstown, and Emily Jane Cermola, 25, teacher, Bardstown.

Christopher Allan Parish, 35, truck driver, Bardstown, and Katherine Michelle Bonza, 37, bank teller, Bardstown.

James Devin Wheatley, 33, processing, Loretto, and Katelin Nicole Kippes, 32, surgical assistant, Loretto.

Kevin Thomas Burns, 31, line worker, Bardstown, and Althea Fatima Tungupon, 26, designer, Louisville.

Wesley Thomas Curtsinger, 24, mechanic, Bardstown, and Erin Kaitlyn Newton, 25, dental hygeinist, Bardstown.

Raymond Lucas Embry, 24, welder, Radcliff, and Toni Renee Keeling, 22, accountant, Bardstown.

Charles Leland Thompson III, 34, car wash installer, Bardstown, and Shelly Lynn Yates, 31, CNA, Bardstown.

Hannah Rebecca McCliskey, 25, UPS store, Bardstown, and Abigail Ann Thurman, 27, shipping, Bardstown.

Michael Daniel Gendron, 41, tool & dye, Bardstown, and Cynthia Michelle Brown, 32, EDDA, Bardstown.

Aaron Michael Schott, 34, transportation, Bardstown, and Maranda Jane Burkhart, 36, transportation, Bardstown.

Joshua Robert McCauley, 34, utility locator, Bardstown, and Candie Lynn Lester, 34, laborer, Bardstown.

Isaac William Sooter, 38, principal, Reeds Spring, Mo., and Amanda Renee Porter, 33, assistant principal, Ozark, Mo.

Larry Christopher Wheatley, 48, plumber, Mount Washington, and Kimberly Lindsey Silliman, 43, adjuster, Mount Washington.

Ronald Dale Gilbert, 61, driver, Bardstown, and Ann Paulette Edelen, 63, production, Bardstown.

Derek Ryan Kee, 36, IT technician, Knoxville, Tenn., and Elizabeth St.Pierre Reece, 39, business owner, Scottsburg, Ind.

Michael Sean Gritton, 35, industrial maintenance, Coxs Creek, and Emma Beth Ballard, 29, nurse, Coxs Creek.

Justin Lee Kissell, 27, sales coordinator, Bardstown, and Jazzmin Raine Rheinlaender, 28, health care, Bardstown.

Stephen Lyle Thomas, 68, construction, Bardstown, and Helen Marie Hayden, 60, manager, Bardstown.

Mitchell Wade Wilson, 31, garden design, Frankfort, and Marianne Renae Rhodes, 32, sales rep, Bardstown.

Adam Travis Milby, 39, self employed, Bardstown, and Ashley Nicole Worland, 31, phone rep, Bardstown.

Carl Joseph Winski IV, 30, teacher, Lebanon Junction, and Rebecca Lorraine McGlasson, 40, teacher, Lebanon Junction.

Michael Joseph Hardin, 27, management, Bardstown, and Emily Teresa Ripberger, 27, registered behavioral tech, Bardstown.

Adam Scott Morris, 32, transportation, Bloomfield, and Aimee Lee Misiewicz, 26, cook, Bloomfield.

Kyle Justin McDaniel, 29, Ford motor company, Bardstown, and Breanna Rachael Milburn, 25, UPS customs brokerage, Bardstown.

Jason Howard Hoback, 40, construction, New Hope, Brittney Ann Bartley, 28, RSA, New Hope.

William Harold Dugan III, 40, research & development, Bardstown, and Morgan Ashly Stine, 28, radiologic technologist, Bardstown.

Kevin Arlis Hardin, 50, factory, Bardstown, and Veronica Lynn Webb, 47, factory, Bardstown.

Benjamin David Bolin, 24, HVAC service, Springfield, and Adrienne Kelli Downs, 23, hairdresser, Loretto.

Charles Anthony Miles, 29, cloud infrastructure architect, Coxs Creek, and Elizabeth Ann Avis, 29, speech language pathologist, Coxs Creek.

Franklin Shain Goff, 28, pipefitter, Bardstown, and Kateline Elizabeth Metcalfe, 24, social worker, Bardstown.

Ethan Charles McCubbins, 31, clerk, Bardstown, and Elizabeth Marie Goodlett, 29, auth specialist, Bardstown.

James Riley Smallwood, 19, asphalt layer, Bardstown, and Summer Grace D Waters, 19, online grocery associate, Bardstown.

Jason Kody Stallings, 26, installer, Bardstown, and Chloe Ann Metzger, 24, painter, Bardstown.

Daeton McCoy Pennington, 21, US Army, Fort Bragg, N.C., and Kaila Renea Hardin, 19, CNA, Bardstown.

Anthony Thomas Wilkerson, 27, laborer, Bloomfield, and Katriel Alexandra Ulrich, 25, staff accountant, Bloomfield.

Patrick Kurtis Monin, 26, laborer, Bardstown, and Ashley Carlene Wimsett, 27, healthcare, Bardstown.

Eric Patrick Boone, 40, equipment operator, New Haven, and Carrie Virginia Howard, 44, X-ray technologist, Bardstown.

Austin Gregory Hazelwood, distillery sales/marketing, Bardstown, and Mackenzie Ann Meissner, 26, speech pathologist, Bardstown.


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