Nelson County Marriage Licenses — August 2021

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of June 2021 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Jacob Michael Clark, 23, engineer, Coxs Creek, and Hope Elizabeth Spalding, 23, cosmetologist, Coxs Creek.

Timothy Dale Gilpin, 61, retired, New Haven, and Mary Ann Crain, 57, bank compliance, New Haven.

Martina Nicole Jones, 25, patient services, Bloomfield, and Chelsey Marie Baize, 25, merchandiser, Bloomfield.

William Archie Ballard Jr, 30, painter, Bardstown, and Shawnda Nichole Hall, 26, medical assistant, Bardstown.

Dereck Matthew Crowe, 26, assembly service, Chaplin, and Chelsie Renee Gibson, 26, unemployed, Bardstown.

James William Nalley, 47, welder, Bardstown, and Michelle Lynn Bonn, 42, locational tech, Louisville.

Larry Todd Burden, 44, installation tech, Bardstown, and Jessica Ann Stewart, 33, manager, Bardstown.

Robert Carlos Zaragoza, 28, financial analysis, Caldwell, and Josette Victoria Taylor, 29, graphic designer, Caldwell.

Ryan Rapier Hardin, 37, analysis & data management, Coxs Creek, and Elizabeth Helen Harrison, licensed clinical social worker, Coxs Creek.

Jalen Markell Stone, 25, construction, Bardstown, and Hannah Michelle Green, 24, loan specialist, Bardstown.

Russel Louis Nanni, 74, welding engineer, Bardstown, and Linda Darlene Shumate, 70, waitress, Bardstown.

Christopher Tyler Medley, 28, truck driver, Bardstown, and Lindsey Michelle Mattingly, 28, PTA, Bardstown.

Joshua Dewayne Newton, 22, woodshop worker, Springfield, and Brittany Jane Burman, 22, childcare worker, Springfield.

Ryan Robbins Huddleston, 37, package handler, Bardstown, and Linda le, 40, sales representative, Bardstown.

Casey Alan Damron, 34, fast food, Bardstown, and Jessica Leann Cammack, 40, healthcare, Bardstown.

John Dillon Vittitow, 28, carpenter, New Haven, and Kristen Diehl Wheat, 27, hair stylist, New Haven.

Nicholas Scott Chesser, 21, operator, Bardstown, and Lela Joy Sumo, 21, unemployed, Bardstown.

Thomas Ryan Brothers, 29, self employed, Bardstown, and Kayla Elizabeth Cornish, 28, stay at home mom, Bardstown.

James Robert Lewis, 33, specimen processor, Bardstown, and Samantha Ann Sidebottom, 30, loan representative, Bardstown.

Charles Rufus Hood, 29, Hood paving, Bardstown, and Amber Nicole Nalley, 29, stay at home mom, Bardstown.

Joshua Adam Quire, 35, Laser operator, Coxs Creek, and Racheal Michelle Buckman, 28, Material Handler, Coxs Creek.

Jacob Darion Newton, 25, manufacturing supervisor, Bardstown, and Nicole Lynn Crump, 27, manufacturing team leader, Bardstown.

William Leonard Lamkin, 65, retired, Bloomfield, and Barbara Ellen Dale, 62, retired, Mount Vernon.

John Kenneth Morris, 51, manager, Coxs Creek, and Julie Ann Tilidetzke, 49, IT manager, Coxs Creek.

Anthony Fredrick Willett, 52, funeral director, Bardstown, and Jennifer Lynn Brown, 42, security incident manager, Bardstown.

Christopher Kyle McKinley, 23, team lead, Bardstown, and Sadie Leigh Wright, 22, surgical tech, Bardstown.

Gregg Steven Vincent, 62, retired, Bloomfield, and Tammy Lynn Eyle, 60, self employed, Louisville.

Woody Keith Yocum, 65, retired, Bardstown, and Stephanie Renae Connor, 50, self employed, Bardstown.

Robert Aaron McCubbins, 41, self employed, Bardstown, and Toni Michelle Downs, 29, dental assistant, Bardstown.

Travis Alexander Hollifield, 24, sales associate, Bardstown, and Olivia Nicole Tomlinson, 23, teacher, Bardstown.

Michael Owen Garrett, 60, haul truck driver, Bardstown, and Agnes Mary Masterson, 62, retired, Bardstown.

Derrick James Mullins, 25, welder, Bloomfield, and Rebecca Cheyenne Hedges, 25, client support specialist, Bloomfield.

William Glenn Demott, 51, welder, Bardstown, and Mary Christina Miles, 47, optometric assistant, Bardstown.

James Richard Ball, 43, factory worker, New Haven, and Crystal Starr Dones, 43, factory, New Haven.

Markus Jalen Phillips, 27, athletic, academic counselor, Hattiesburg, and Ashley Marie Edwards, 28, claims analyst, Hattiesburg.

Jamie Todd Mattingly, 26, maintenance man, Chaplin, and Rachel Nance Young, 24, RN, Chaplin.

Christopher Ryan Myles, 37, facilities manager, Bardstown, and Shawna Nichole Hellard, 28, patient access, Bardstown.

Dakota Wayne Sparks, 28, trucker, Bardstown, and Christina Nicole Bray, 34, clinical analyst, Bardstown.

Devin Cole Cornett, 28, grill cook, Bardstown, and Olivia Grace Beck, 22, stay at home mom, Bardstown.

Joseph David Lear Jr, 26, assistant manager, Bardstown, and Rachel Rnae Churchman, 24, receptionist, Bardstown.

Steven Duane Crepps, 58, Maintenance, Bardstown, and Sharon Elizabeth Lanham, 58, accountant, Bardstown.

Kevin Ray Richardson jr, 29, concrete mixer truck driver, Bardstown, and Melissa Kay Schenck, 27, 4H youth development agent, Boston.


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