Nelson Fiscal Court gets details on the Bardstown-Nelson County Veterans Park

Jerry Janes hands out materials to Judge Executive Dean Watts and the magistrates about the proposed Bardstown-Nelson County Veterans Park.

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 — Judge Executive Dean Watts and Nelson Fiscal Court members got their first look Tuesday at the proposed Bardstown-Nelson County Veterans Park.

The park will be built on property owned by the county on Springfield Road across from McDonalds.

Jerry Janes, speaking for the group, told the court that the group is ready to get started once the court has agreed on the terms of a lease.

The park will include war memorials to honor our county’s history of service in the various wars and conflicts. There will also be a wall that will include engraved bricks purchased by family members of veterans who served their country.

The park will be beautifully landscaped, and include a pavillion that can serve as a community gather place. The park will also include free wi-fi.

The park’s purpose is to express the community’s appreciation to its veterans, and to provide opportunities for young people to learn about the sacrifices local veterans have made through history.

The initial lease period discussed was 99 years, but Watts asked the court to consider a shorter time frame. The reason is that over time, “things change,” and a future fiscal court may wish to change the use of that tract of land.

The court asked County Attorney Matthew Hite to research if county lease agreements can be broken or changed by a future fiscal court if the need arises. The court will wait to get an answer before it moves forward with a lease for the veterans park property, Watts said.

INTERNET EXPANSION. The court agreed to move forward in conjunction with the City of Bardstown to bring internet access to six rural road areas in the county.

The list includes:

  • Whitesides Road / Hobbs Lane
  • Ashes Creek Road
  • Hwy 1066 / Hawk Ridge
  • Nat Rogers Road / Ice Road
  • Holy Cross Road / Jim Clark Road
  • Vittitow Ford Road

The county remains in discussion with other internet providers regarding potential internet expansion projects on Fairfield Road and Evertt Hall; Roberts Road / Wimpsett School House Road; Jim Clark Road (North); Icetown Road.

MATERIALS BIDS. The court approved the bids for the county government’s materials, which include rock, oils, culverts, motor oils, pipe and asphalt.

Prices on mateirals were substantiallly higher than last year’s bids across the board.

ASHPHALT. The per-ton price for laid asphalt jumped from $74.85 per ton to $95 per ton.

ROAD SALT. Only one bidder submitted a bid, and at $127.86 per ton, was a 39 percent increase over last year’s price.

CHIP SEAL, POLYTETHYLENE PIPE. The cost of chip seal materials delivered also jump 39 percent, and the county’s cost for polyethylene pipe doubled over last year’s figures.

In other business, the court:

  • approved reappointing Alex Kirsch to the Northeast Nelson Fire District board.
  • heard that repair and replacement work will begin soon on cell locks at the Nelson County Jail.


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