City has resolved issue that caused discolored water to some utility customers


Thursday, July 14, 2022 — Some Bardstown water customers have been experience discolored water from their taps in recent weeks. According to the City of Bardstown, the discoloration is the result of manganese levels being higher than normal due to Sympson Lake’s low level.

The water intake structure at the lake had a mechanical problem and treatment plant operators were unable to adjust the level of the intake to a point where the water quality was best for water going to the treatment plant. The mechanical problems have been resolved.

According to a city press release, manganese is a natural element and not a health risk, but can cause water to be discolored and taste bad.

“Although the water is treated to remove manganese, the higher spikes made it impossible to remove it all. All water quality parameters have returned to normal but customers could see a yellowish/brownish tinge to the water carryover for a few more days as water from storage tanks moves through the distribution system. The City water department is addressing all calls and flushing is being performed systematically so as to preserve water during this drought.”

If you require any additional information please contact City Hall at 502-348-5947.


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