Jim’s Political Notebook: Videos build early interest in judge-executive campaigns

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Monday, Aug. 15, 2022 — The November election is still three months away, but you can expect to see an uptick in campaigning by candidates in the election’s competitive races.

The top local elected office, judge-executive of Nelson County, has already seen professionally produced video segments being released to help voters get to know the candidates and what exactly they represent.

Click to play Shelburne’s latest video.

One of the more effective uses of video (in my opinion), came recently from Eric Shelburne’s campaign. Eric is the Democrat running for judge-executive; but since he did not have a primary opponent, voters haven’t seen much advertising from his campaign — until recently.

Shelburne’s latest video starts out with the person who can best speak about his character and values — his mother.

The video is just under two minutes in length and it offers a very personal look at Eric Shelburne from the people who know him best. We never hear him say a word until the video’s final 15 seconds.

Given the importance of this particular race, videos by both candidates give voters a unique opportunity to learn more about the candidates and their platforms. We all want to cast our vote for the candidate we think will do the best job. Unless you do your research, you can’t make an informed choice.

Republican Tim Hutchins has released a number of videos, including “Conversations with the county,” with Tim talking to county residents who share their thoughts. His primary campaign made good use of video, and I expect his general election campaign will too.

If you have a topic or question you believe a candidate (or both candidates) should address, you should contact their campaigns and let them know. If enough people ask about an important issue, that issue may be part of an upcoming video, or addressed during a stump speech.

As the November election draws nearer, I think we’ll see additional media recordings — audio and video — aimed at giving voters a better picture of what each candidate stands for.

WHERE TO FIND CAMPAIGN VIDEOS? So far, the best place to locate videos featuring or released by the candidates for judge-executive is their Facebook pages. You can also check their banner ads on the Nelson County Gazette, as those banners may also link to the latest campaign video.

MEET THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES. Another great way to get to know candidates for office is to attend party events. The Democratic parties of Nelson, Marion and Washington counties are holding a Tri-County Democratic picnic on Sunday, Aug. 28th from 1-5 p.m. at the Fredericktown ballpark.

Democrats on the November ballot will be there, and organizers have invited state leaders and Congressional candidates as well.

There’ll be great food grilled on site, music, entertainment, and a heaping helping of stump speaking. Bring your appetite and a comfortable chair!


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