Letter: Candidate defends calling out president, president’s policies

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the Nelda Moore’s column that appeared in the Aug. 24, 2022 edition of the Kentucky Standard.

Ms. Moore’s statement of the job description of the Judge Executive position is certainly her opinion but not accurate. The Nelson County Fiscal Court and the County Judge Executive does much more than “pave county roads” or “clean out creek beds.” I would assume that she understands the importance of the local ambulance service, the sheriff’s department, the jail, the county clerk, and the fire departments. However, I don’t think she realizes the range of duties for which our county government is responsible.

With the input of all the departments listed above and many more, the Judge Executive position and Fiscal Court in Nelson County are also responsible for establishing tax rates, zoning approvals or disapprovals, the landfill, the Industrial Parks, the Recreation centers and complexes, libraries, maintaining county roads (including paving), snow and ice removal, and many more items on a daily basis.

Ms. Moore also mentioned in her article that she was “put off” that I mentioned Joe Biden’s name at the forum on Ag Day. My question for Ms. Moore and all other citizens in Nelson County — why I would not mention Joe Biden’s name? In the 2.5 years since Biden took office, many citizens in Nelson County have lost value in their 401(K) and their stock portfolios. Inflation is at a 40-year high. In some areas of the nation, gas prices shot up to over $5 per gallon. More and more citizens are struggling to feed their families. These are facts. With all of this in mind, it is my opinion and I think many people would agree that Nelson County citizens are worse off now than when Joe Biden took office.

I will not shy away from calling out our failed President or others when their policies have affected and continue to affect the citizens of this county. If I am fortunate enough to be elected as the next Nelson County Judge Executive, it will be my job to help the citizens of Nelson County and to protect them as much as I am able from failed policies and misrepresentations.

Ms. Moore can have her own opinion, but the facts tell a different story. Elections have consequences and Presidential policies do and have affected Nelson County.

Tim Hutchins
Candidate for Nelson County Judge Executive
Cox’s Creek

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