City continues to resolve internet outages, restore customer access to email


Sunday, Sept. 4, 2022 — More than 60 hours after the City of Bardstown’s internet service went offline, many of its customers still are reporting they do not have internet at their homes.

In an update about the outage posted on the City of Bardstown’s Facebook page early Sunday afternoon, the city said their IT team continues to work to restore everyone’s internet access, though many customers were still expressing frustration at the lack of access to their city email addresses.

In response to the city’s latest update, customers are asking if they need to take action to improve their own security with their computers at home.

Other customers who have tried to use one of the city websites reported they were confused by the “under construction” placeholders they found instead of the website they expected to see.

The city’s websites have been down since the outage began at about 3 a.m. Friday, and as of 6 p.m. Sunday, the sites were still offline.

Since the outage began, the city has not advised its customers to take any action in regard to their own security or passwords. Customer’s requests for more details about the outage on Facebook were unanswered.

A story published Friday by WDRB-TV suggested that the city’s servers had been “hacked”; however, the story did not provide information as to the source of its information regarding any “hack.”

“We will keep you informed and updated when we can verify additional information about the problem and the resolutions over the next several days. We will work with the local media and social media platforms, such as Facebook, to keep everyone updated.”


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