Letter: Republican candidates have a clear vision of Nelson County’s future

To the editor,

Last week I read Nelson County Judge Executive Dean Watts’ public endorsement of the Democrat running to replace him. His comments reminded me of the yard signs in the 2nd District from the incumbent who is using the slogan “No Time For a Change.” Local Democrat leadership would like us to believe that everything is smooth locally at the fiscal court level, and we should move on, business-as-usual.

Judge Watts served our county admirably for almost 30 years, and spearheaded tremendous growth. What he had, that his endorsed candidate lacks, is vision. Tim Hutchins, Adam Wheatley, M.T. Harned, Jeff Lear, and Jon Snow all have clear visions for what Nelson County needs, and all have a demonstrated history of accomplishing their goals. As a local party officer, I am pleased to say that all of the previously mentioned men have been successful entrepreneurs in our community. They built things, they overcame obstacles, they made tough decisions.

Judge Watts is afraid of burning bridges in Frankfort? Here’s what I’m afraid of:

  • Nearsighted Local Revenue Bonds (LRB’s) that local Democrats have locked us into for the next 30 years.
  • Losing our EMS, because local Democrats never looked forward to how it would be properly funded.
  • Our Sheriff’s continuous calls for adequate funding, falling on deaf ears.
  • A jail that is at risk of losing valuable state contracts if it is not modernized.

It is most definitely time for change. We don’t need guys who are nice to work with, we need leaders.

James Victery
Vice-chairman, Republican Party of Nelson County


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