Letter: Supports Tim Hutchins for next Nelson County judge-executive

To the editor,

Over these past weeks, the public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives/agendas of the various candidates running for Nelson County Judge-Executive.

As many of you have witnessed, Tim Hutchins’ honest, hopeful, insight into our community’s needs, problems, and also his willingness to examine the issues and listen openly to the public’s concerns, sets him far apart from the other candidate.

Tim is very well liked and respected in this community as well as surrounding areas.

He is an experienced business owner of 40 years with previous magistrate experience of 17 years. Tim has the wisdom and insight to make the right decisions going forward with the flexibility that is required from a great leader. One of the qualities I most admire Tim for is his selfless volunteer work, he has served long hours at schools and churches.

Due to the rapid growth we are experiencing in the Bardstown and Nelson County communities, decisions being made now will affect us for many many years to come. These decisions can and will even affect our kids and grandkids.

Beyond a doubt Tim will promote a true atmosphere of openness and transparency in local government that is much needed. I feel confident he will use these qualities to create a better community for us now and for future generations of Nelson County.

If you want what is best for our community, please join me on Nov. 8th in supporting Tim Hutchins for Nelson County Judge-Executive.

Jamie Clayton
Cox’s Creek

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