Letter: National issues do have their place when it comes to local elections

Letter to the editor:

Family decides what vaccinations to give to their children. A family decides what their children learn about gender roles. A family decides how to protect themselves via the Second Amendment, and they elect an officer who upholds that and treats concerned citizens with respect. The election is right around the corner. When I look at a candidate and their qualifications to be the de facto supreme leader of the county (County Judge), I’m looking at their character and how they treat and respond to other people, average citizens. I’m also considering how they would respond to national situations that affect local administration and the like.

I’ve heard a lot of ridiculous assumptions this election that national things don’t affect us on the local level of law. This is absurd. What were the COVID guidelines of the CDC then that Nelson County adopted? People have condemned Tim Hutchins for bringing up national issues. He’s talking honestly about inflation and how it affects costs for the county. How can he not bring up federal politicians that have policies that affect our county government? The Democrats are giving billions to Ukraine while groceries are over $200 a week. He is not being disingenuous by doing this. But he is pointing out that his opponent belongs to a party that has pushed absurd policies. Likewise, the 2nd Amendment is a national and a local issue, along with gun control. The state red flag law potentially affected all of us. We need elected officials we know who will stand against these laws, bottom line.

The handling of COVID was a national, state and local issue just like inflation and the Second Amendment protection. The freedom of medical choices and the ability to decide for yourself and your family with information about a healthcare decision is not an arbitrary thing, but very personal decision, when local businesses have to shut down and are ultimately put out of business.

At a time when conservatives are being censored and legitimate science is not in line with the medical cartel, I want a county leader who is free thinking and doesn’t bend to every whim of “government mandated” opinion. Popular opinion is not always right, especially when it is financed by international conglomerates who profit off of it. I would prefer someone who thinks for themselves and considers what is best for the county, not a cog in the machine.

Maybe I am asking for too much. But we can choose as a county whether we want to walk a party line or simply want what is best for the community, our community. I know many people are struggling. Many are having trouble putting food on their plates. It is high time for someone to think about that. The family is central to the social structure and the Church has taught that since day one. Let’s get back to basics. That is my two cents.

Jacob Hamm

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