New judge-executive, fiscal court kick off 2023 with marathon 4-hour meeting

From left, District 5 Magistrate Jon Snow; Judge-Executive Tim Hutchins; District 3 Magistrate MT Harned; District 1 Magistrate Keith Metcalfe; District 4 Magistrate Jeff Lear; and District 2 Magistrate Adam Wheatley.

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023 — The first Nelson Fiscal Court of 2023 ran for nearly 4 hours on Tuesday, thanks in part to a detailed, single-spaced 3-page agenda that included a review of virtually every agency connected to Nelson County government.

Leading his first court meeting, Nelson County Judge-Executive Tim Hutchins methodically hammered away at the lengthy agenda in an effort to make sure he and the magistrates were all on the same page in regard to the issues facing the new court.

Justin Hall, the county’s new jailer, had an opportunity to discuss how he wants to buy a body scanner for the jail without using taxpayer dollars.

Danielle Chladek,, the county’s new coroner, reported on the issues her office is facing in regard to transportation and getting office records.

The other county department officials also checked in with updates.

Chris Martin with the county road department said the county used approximately 290 tons of salt on county roads during the recent snow event. The county still has about 2,000 tons of salt left. None of the county’s salt or snow removal equipment was damaged during use, he said.

Landfill manager John Greenwell reported that he believes construction for the new phase of the county landfill will begin in the spring. The 6.7 acre expansion should last the county about 55 years, he said.

MEETING TIMES. The court agreed to continue meeting on the first and third Tuesdays each month, though starting in February, the second meeting of the month will be held at 6 p.m.

Magistrate Keith Metcalfe questioned the wisdom of the evening meetings because it will require county employees to work overtime and cut into their family time.

RESOLUTIONS. The magistrates briefly reviewed a list of possible resolutions, but took no action. One resolution that spoke against the use of Narcan vending machines, attracted a response from Bardstown City Councilwoman Betty Kelley Hart, who asked the court to keep an open mind about such devices and dig a little deeper.

NEXT UP. Due to a schedule conflict, the next meeting of the Nelson Fiscal Court is a special meeting set for 9 a.m. Friday, Jan. 13, 2023.


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