Nelson Fiscal Court approves four magistrates’ road maintenance requests


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Tuesday, May 16, 2023 — Nelson Fiscal Court approved the road paving requests from four of the county’s five magistrates at its meeting Tuesday.

Magistrate M.T. Harned had not yet finalized his paving list in time for Tuesday evening’s fiscal court meeting.

BONUS FUNDING. Nelson County Judge-Executive Tim Hutchins allocated each magistrate an additional $120,000 for their district road maintenance needs.

The money was taken from the county’s share of the American Rescue Plan Act funds. Hutchins previously said the goal is to give the magistrates a chance to put much-needed money into making county roads safer.

DISTRICT 1. Magistrate Keith Metcalfe’s road maintenance list includes:

  • Jim Clark Road (1.833 miles)
  • Lytle Cecil Lane (.346 mile)
  • Leonard Hall Road (.520 mile)
  • Tom Ballard Road (.287 mile)
  • Quarry Loop (.82 mile).

The estimated cost for the paving work is $191,330

DISTRICT 2. Magistrate Adam Wheatley’s road maintenance list includes:

  • Double Springs Road (.34 mile)
  • American Drive (.75 mile)
  • Batsell (.348 mile)
  • Spencer Mattingly Lane (.815 mile)
  • Pottershop Road (.815 mile)
  • R. L. Greer Road (.3 mile).

The total estimated cost for paving work is $231,480.

DISTRICT 4. Magistrate Jeff Lear’s road maintenance list includes:

  • Riverbrooke Drive (.591 mile)
  • Steeplechase Court (.096 mile)
  • Timberwood Drive (.61 mile)
  • Chesapeake Drail (.561 mile)
  • Ashford Lane (.375 mile)
  • Whitesides Road (.837 mile)
  • Mann Drive (.229 mile)
  • Meadow Ridge (.34 mile)
  • Froman Greenwell (.76 mile)

The total estimated cost for the paving work is $286,665.

DISTRICT 5. Magistrate Jon Snow’s road maintenance list includes:

  • Virginia (.765 mile)
  • Prather Lane (.085) mile
  • Russell Road (1.124 mile)
  • Timber Creek (.65 mile)
  • Plum Run (1.4 mile)
  • Wilkerson Road (1.023 mile)
  • Greens Chapel Road (.48 mile)

The total estimated cost for the paving work is $323,391.

The costs estimates are based on a cost of $95 per ton for asphalt.

ETHICS ORDINANCE. Nelson Fiscal Court approved first reading of a revised ethics ordinance that mirrors the one recently approved by the Bardstown City Council.

The new ordinance will give county government and the City of Bardstown two appointments each to the five-member board. The City of Fairfield will appoint one representative.

The new ordinance also allows the use of email for sending financial disclosures to the board.

The second reading is expected at the next fiscal court meeting.

GARBAGE RATE HIKES FINALIZED. The court gave final approval of a revised solid waste ordinance that increases the monthly residential garbage collection fee an additional $2.

The new ordinance increases garbage fees for commercial customers too. The ordinance offers a discount to residential customers who are disabled or over age 65 and earn less than 100 percent of the federal poverty level.

E-911 ORDINANCE FINALIZED. The county gave final approval of a new E-911 ordinance that will move the E-911 dispatch center under the supervision of Nelson County government.

The ordinance also increases the annual 911 fee property owners pay from $24 to $36.

NEXT UP. Nelson Fiscal Court next meets at 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 6, 2023, in the Bernard Ice Meeting Room on the second floor of the Old Courthouse.


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