Legislative update: ‘Right to repair,’ other initiatives aimed at helping state farmers

50th District State Representative

Friday, Aug. 11, 2023 — As another week in the legislative interim is behind us, my colleagues and I have been hard at work discussing issues important to our Commonwealth and forming our agenda for the 2024 Regular Session of the General Assembly.


At the heart of our society lies an indomitable force – our farmers. As we stand on the cusp of another legislative session, it becomes imperative to shine a spotlight on a few bills some local farmers and I have crafted to bolster and uplift our farming community. These proposed legislations not only underscore the pivotal role that farmers play in our society but also aim to address the crucial nuances that impact their operations and livelihoods.

RIGHT TO REPAIR. Front and center among the proposed legislation is the “Right to Repair.” This visionary proposition revolves around granting farmers the prerogative to repair their own machinery and equipment at an affordable cost. A right that carries profound implications for their day-to-day activities. At present, several agricultural equipment manufacturers curtail repair options, leaving farmers with limited choices for fixing their equipment or opting for independent repair services. The Right to Repair initiative is poised to reverse this tide by ensuring that farmers have unfettered affordable access to information, tools, and parts needed for machinery repairs. This newfound empowerment not only equips farmers to swiftly tend to equipment issues, but also diminishes reliance on manufacturers for repair services. By enabling farmers to proactively address mechanical challenges, this legislation stands to enhance operational efficiency, slash costs, and fortify the bedrock of sustainability within the agricultural sector.

NURTURING YOUNG FARMERS – LICENSING FOR AMBITIOUS TTENS. What I hope to be a beacon of promise in the legislative lineup is the proposal to grant licenses for farm use to 14 and 15-year-olds. This visionary step is a nod to the significance of nurturing the next generation of farmers and preparing them for the mantle of responsibility in the agricultural domain. Through this proposition, young adolescents gain the opportunity to secure licenses for farm-related activities, signaling a collective recognition of their potential contributions to family farms and local agricultural enterprises. Under the umbrella of comprehensive guidance and training, these budding agrarians can partake in an array of farm-centric tasks, from operating machinery to tending livestock and nurturing crops. Beyond the acquisition of crucial skills and a strong work ethic, this move fosters a sense of duty and a deep-rooted connection to the farming ethos from an early age. These proposed bills stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to the prosperity and well-being of our esteemed farming community. Through initiatives like the Right to Repair and the licensing provisions for enterprising young farmers, we hope to solidify the foundation of our agricultural sector, paving the way toward a resplendent and sustainable future.

As always, I can be reached anytime at 502-510-1464. You can also contact me via e-mail at Candy.Massaroni@lrc.ky.gov. You can also keep track of committee meetings and potential legislation through the Kentucky legislature’s home page at legislature.ky.gov.


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