Letter: We need a governor who will respect our state’s freedom, values

To the editor:

As the Kentucky Gubernatorial race gains momentum, it is evident that both Gov. Andy Brashear and Attorney General Daniel Cameron are actively presenting their plans and agendas for the position. With Kentucky’s supermajority in both chambers of the state House and Senate, the legislature holds substantial power over bills and legislation that affect us all. However, the importance of the Governor’s seat cannot be underestimated, especially in shaping the future of our state in the next four years.

It is widely agreed upon that a Governor who can effectively collaborate with the legislature will have a significant impact on the trajectory of Kentucky. The shared desire for less government, reduced taxes, and the freedom to raise our children and families according to our own choices, without undue interference from the government, unites us as Kentuckians.

Amidst the polarizing nature of our national political climate, it often feels as though the values we hold dear are perpetually under attack. It is crucial that our government respects and upholds the principles and ideals that are important to us, such as individual liberty and the autonomy to shape the morals and character of our children. We firmly believe that the government should never encroach upon our rights as parents and dictate how we raise our children.

For many individuals, including myself, the Bible serves as a cherished source of guidance, offering instructions on how to navigate life’s complexities and instill essential values within our families. While recognizing the diversity of beliefs within our state, it is vital to have a Governor who understands the significance of religious freedom and respects the various faith traditions that make up our vibrant community.

Let us collectively strive for a future where our cherished values are upheld, our liberties are protected, and our families are given the freedom to flourish.

Together, let us ensure that Kentucky continues to be a place where individual freedom, personal responsibility, and the pursuit of a better future for our children and families remain paramount.

Justin Hall

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