Bardstown man arrested on trespassing charge at Martin County federal prison


Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2023 — A Bardstown man was arrested last Friday, Sept. 29, 2023, and charged with criminal trespassing at the Big Sandy federal penitentiary in Martin County near Inez.

Marcus Alejandro Durbin, 19, of Bardstown, was found on the penitentiary property with a ski mask, hand restraints and a lock blade folding knife.


According to a story published in the Mountain Citizen, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from prison officials at about 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. They said an unidentified male was wandering the penitentiary grounds and taking pictures in restricted areas of the prison complex.

When approached by deputies, Durbin said he was there to take photos for a school paper he was working on.

“When I asked about the school he attended, he gave me the name of a school in Bardstown,” Chief Deputy Chris Kidd said.

“I looked the school up, and as I was making a call, he stopped me, saying, ‘I’m sorry. I lied. I don’t go to school and I’m not writing any type of paper. I really have no reason for being here — I’m just here,’” Kidd said. “He said he stopped there because he was intrigued by the place and had heard about the place.”

Upon further questioning about the suspicious items he had in his possession — the ski mask, hand restraints, and knife, all found in his car — Durbin had no explanation.

“His story just wasn’t adding up,” Kidd said. “It seemed suspicious.”

Without a valid reason to be on the property, Durbin was arrested for criminal trespassing. Signs placed at the prison entrance warn against bringing weapons on the grounds or trespassing.


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