Dr. Mehta calls return to practice at Flaget Memorial Hospital ‘a homecoming’


Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 — CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Orthopedic Surgery at Flaget Memorial Hospital welcomes the return of Dr. Sanjiv Mehta to its team of caregivers. Dr. Mehta, who began his career in Greensburg, said returning to serve the Nelson County area “feels like a homecoming.”


Dr. Mehta’s journey into the field of medicine was deeply rooted, growing with two physicians as parents who influenced his career path. “I knew in sixth grade I was going to be a doctor,” said Dr. Mehta. “I consider myself very blessed for finding my calling early in life.”

During an internship rotation in India following his graduation from medical school, Dr. Mehta discovered his passion for the field of orthopedics. “I was seeing a patient who had a femur fracture, who was laying in front of me writhing in pain,” said Dr. Mehta. “I was able to repair his fracture, and the next day, when I saw him, he was eternally grateful, thanking me and telling me I was a blessing. Right then, I found my passion.”

Throughout the years, Dr. Mehta said his passion and enthusiasm for the job have never wavered. “As a spiritual person, I credit the good Lord for putting me exactly where I need to be – to help people. I want to give my patients the most compassionate care possible.”

Dr. Mehta’s patient care philosophy is deeply rooted in principles of respect, compassion and attentive listening, much of which he learned from his mother.

“My mother had a very strong influence on me and would tell me that I have a very unique ability to walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes, and I try to walk a mile in my patients’ shoes and relate to them. With this connection comes empathy and compassion.”

Prior to beginning his professional career in Kentucky, Dr. Mehta earned his medical degree from the University of the Punjab in India and expanded his expertise by serving as a visiting lecturer at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong. His commitment was further demonstrated through a fellowship in Switzerland.

In 1990, Dr. Mehta arrived in Louisville, Ky., where he accomplished two fellowships and an internship at the University of Louisville. For more than two decades, Dr. Mehta has been dedicated to the well-being of patients across Kentucky – beginning his career in the Bardstown area and most recently serving patients in Louisville.

“The community of Bardstown is where I started my orthopedic career,” said Dr. Mehta. “I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my patients – most of whom have been driving from Bardstown to Louisville to see me. I’m so appreciative of them, and I look forward to returning.”

As a father to three grown children, Dr. Mehta focuses on his own physical and mental well-being in his spare time. He enjoys riding bikes, playing ping pong, traveling, hiking and reading.

Dr. Mehta is practicing at CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Orthopedic Surgery at Flaget Memorial Hospital, located at 875 Pennsylvania Avenue in Bardstown. To make an appointment, call 502.348.5685.


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