GOP voter registrations top Democratic voters for first time in county history


Friday, April 5, 2024 — The voter registration numbers in Nelson County broke a historic threshold last month when the county officially turned red, i.e., the majority of voters in the county are registered Republicans.

After decades of the Democratic party being the dominant political party, the GOP — which has been slowly increasing its numbers — has overtaken the Democratic party.

According to Trey Bradley, chairman of the Nelson County Republicans, as of March, 15,990 voters are now registered Republican.

Bradley said the change reflects the growing support and trust that the people have placed in the values and principles championed by the Republican Party.

“We are thrilled to witness this historic moment for Nelson County,” said Bradley said through a press release. “The fact that voter registration has flipped Republican for the first time in history clearly indicates support for our conservative values and vision for the future.”

“As the county prepares for the upcoming primary and general election, the party will continue working towards a brighter, more prosperous future for Nelson County,” he said.

Bradley invited newly registered Republicans to get involved with party activities. For more visit the Nelson County Repoublican Party on Facebook or the Nelson County Organization of Republican Women.


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