Former Mayor Dixie Hibbs honored on 20th anniversary of Farmer’s Market pavilion

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Elected officials, city council members and well wishers pose for a group photo at the ceremony honoring former Bardstown Mayor Dixie Hibbs for her work making the farmer’s market pavilion 20th anniversary.

Fdriday, April 26, 2024 — Local elected officials and members of the community turned out Friday morning for a ceremony to honor the 20th anniversary of the Farmer’s Market Pavillion and to a former mayor whose vision and dedication made it possible — Dixie Hibbs.

Bardstown Mayor Dick Heaton introduced Hibbs, noting that recognition of her contributions for the pavilion were long overdue.

Bardstown Mayor Dick Heaton gives former Mayor Hibbs a hug after an introduction at
Friday’s event.

As the judge-executive and city council looked on, Hibbs recounted the history of the events that preceded the decision to build the farmers market pavilion in what was then a city-owned parking lot.

With contributions from Barsdtown Mainstreet, tourism and the Ag extension office, the pavilion has served the community in a variety of capacities through the years.

Hibbs said that she wanted to restore the streetscape, and the pavilion was a way to do that. The design resembled the former Jewell & Haydon building at that location before it was torn down during the years Wilson Bros. Chevrolet owned the property.

In addition to providing parking downtown and a home to the local farmer’s market, the pavilion uses have expanded to include serving as a home for the city’s free concerts when rain is anticipated. Its also home to a wide range of special events and during special events and festivals during the year downtown.

The farmer’s market meets three days a week under the pavilion — every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from now through Oct. 12, 2024.


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