Letter: Writer says third-party PAC mailers are a ‘sinister effort to defame’ Stone

To the editor,

I would like to respond to Mr. Nolan Massaroni’s recent letter addressing the “tactics and rhetoric” of Mr. Andy Stone during the 50th District primary campaign.

I understand Mr. Massaroni’s desire to defend his wife, but to attack Mr. Stone’s character is pretty rich given the mailers I’ve received for his wife’s campaign. Most notably is the one where there is a clear attempt to paint Mr. Stone as being supportive of graphic sexual content in local school libraries. Now, this mailer may have come from a PAC and she may not be able to control what they send out, but her silence on these inferences is equivalent to support of the message.

I cannot think of a more sinister effort to defame someone than trying to connect them to exposing children to sexual content. For her not to disavow that message is representative of her character.

When Mr. Stone learned of a Jefferson County teacher organization sending out material critical of Ms. Massaroni, he made a public statement saying he did not request or approve the message. In other words, he distanced himself from a mailer that was not consistent with his campaign values. Unfortunately mud slinging is a common practice in politics.

Mr. Massaroni, it is your right to be upset about how you believe your wife is being treated. However, it is disingenuous to claim that your she has no dirt on her hands.

Hart Hagan

Editor’s Note: The mailer this writer refers to regarding books with graphic sexual content being in the city schools library was created and paid for by the Conservatives for Commonwealth Action PAC. Neither Massaroni nor Stone have any control over how third-party PACs create or select advertising in support or opposition to the candidates in this race.


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