Letter: Stone’s ‘B’ NRA rating casts doubt on his support for conservative values

To the editor,

Over the years, the level of a politician’s support for one of our most fundamental rights, that of having the means of self-defense, has clearly been shown to correlate closely with their positions on other issues, both foreign and domestic.

State Representative candidate Andy Stone only received a “B” score from the National Rifle Association in regard to his support for our Second Amendment rights. Those who truly know and value our Constitutional Republic have always recognized that without our Second Amendment, NONE of our rights are secure.

While superficially one might think an NRA score of “B” might be satisfactory, that score is the lowest in recent Nelson County history, even INCLUDING recent Democrat (leftist) candidates James Deweese, Audrey Haydon, and Dick Heaton, who all received an “A” score.

In comparison, all other Republican candidates in the state earned an “A” score. The inability to earn an “A” score from the NRA clearly indicates a candidate who cannot be relied on to consistently support conservative values, and should not be our Representative in Frankfort.

Ronald D. Weddle, MD

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