City issues boil water advisory for large area for customers south of Bardstown


Tuesday, June 4, 2024 **UPDATED** — The City of Bardstown has significantly expanded its original boil water advisory to include the southern half of Bardstown, southern Nelson County to just south of Balltown and west to the Boston area. See the new map for details.

Duie to a major water main break, the City of Bardstown has issued a boil water advisory for a large part if its service area on the south end of Bardstown and south of the city limits.


The affected areas include.

Angela Dr         All Addresses
Apollo Pl         All Addresses
Avis Rd           All Addresses
Breezy Way        All Addresses
Brentwood Ln      All Addresses
Cecil Ct           All Addresses
Cleveland Ct      All Addresses
Cliffwood Dr      All Addresses
Eastview Ave      All Addresses
Eastview Dr       All Addresses
Ed Brent Rd       All Addresses
Frazier Ct        All Addresses
Gilkey Run Rd     All Addresses between 1110 – 1064
Hutchins Ct       All Addresses
Hutchins Ln       All Addresses
Indian Trl        All Addresses
Leamington Dr     All Addresses
Loretto Rd        All Addresses up to 2935
Lucknow Ct        All Addresses
Marvin Downs Ln   All Addresses
Olympia Dr        All Addresses
Ora Brent Ln      All Addresses
Parkview Ave      All Addresses
Plaza Dr          All Addresses
Pottershop Loop   All Addresses
Pottershop Rd     All Addresses between 14 – 2749
Rainbow Ct        All Addresses
Reed Way          All Addresses
Scenic Dr         All Addresses
Springfield Rd    All Addresses between 1235 – 1815
Springhill Dr     All Addresses
St James Ct       All Addresses
Valleyview Dr     All Addresses
Venus Ct          All Addresses
Vista Ct          All Addresses
Windrift Ct       All Addresses

Customers may experience low or intermittent water pressure, and, therefore, drinking water should be boiled as a precautionary measure. This advisory will be in effect for approximately 2-3 days.


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