Review: Behringer HPX2000 headphones offer excellent quality for under $20

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Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019 — Those of you who know me are already are aware of how tight I am when it comes to spending money: It isn’t that I hate spending money, its just that I hate spending more than I have to for any given item.

One of those “somethings” happens to be headphones. I’ve used a wide range of headphones over the past 45 years, from the cheapest of the cheap to top-end quality headphones for the discerning audiophile. And the lesson I have learned over the years is simple: Never pay for more than you need.

So many top brands of headphones today feature high prices — presumably because of great quality, but mostly because of expensive marketing. People will pay handsomely for something that they see attached to some well-known musician or pop star; after all, if it wasn’t top quality, would that star be seen using it?

Now I acknowledge that many of younger Gazette readers may seek headphones with exceptional characteristics — like thumpin’ bass response that doesn’t distort at high volume, or other special features. But the majority of us can get by with decent quality headphones that don’t break the bank.

This brings me to the topic of this review — the Behringer HPX2000 series headphones.

Despite the fact the HPX2000 are fullsize headphones, they fold into a more compact and portable size. The headphones come equipped for 1/4″ and 1/8″ stereo jacks.

I bought my first pair of these several years ago for two reasons — 1. I already own several pieces of Behringer audio gear and have been very satisfied, and 2. they were priced under $20 including shipping.

Being the self-anointed “King of Cheap,” I have tried a great many sets of headphones, searching for the best quality and sound reproduction for the least amount of cash. Hence, I have a junk drawer filled with cheap-ass, broken, crappy headphones.

But I have not been disappointed by the three pairs of HPX2000s I’ve owned over the years.

The HPX2000 headphones are over-the-ear models that help isolate what you’re listening to from the ambient room noise. They aren’t noise-canceling, so don’t expect miracles for $20. They fit very comfortably around your ears without a lot of pressure that could give you a headache (think David Clark aviation headsets, for example).

Audiowise, the HPX2000 does an admirable job of reproducing bass frequencies through the top end of the audio spectrum. I have yet to hear any kind of buzz or rattle from any of my pairs of HPX2000s.

With excellent sound reproduction capabilities, these headphones excel in a variety of applications.

For example, I use the with my ham radios where they allow me to listen without disturbing others in the room. I used them to listen to music; I used them to monitor my own guitar playing; and I use them while gaming.

They aren’t as portable as earbuds of course, and don’t forget the fact they are wired, which limits their usefulness if you have a phone or mobile device that requires a headset with Bluetooth capability.

The HPX2000 does NOT have a microphone, so if you need a mic while gaming with friends, make another choice.

I recently broke my first pair of HPX2000 headphones, and thought perhaps I could replace them with an even less expensive set. The no-name brand headphones I purchased were an immediate disappointment. Poor construction, poorly designed ear cups, crappy and flimsy wiring. I ordered a replacement set of HPX2000 headphones the same day, and marked my wasted $13 as another payment of stupid tax.

Behringer markets the HPX2000 headphones as “DJ” headphones; they promise excellent bass response and treble range, and they do not disappoint. Sure you can get better response by buying headphones in the $100-plus range, but you have to ask yourself is if you think you’ll hear the $80 difference. Even if you do, you’re out less than $20.

I think the Behringer HPX2000 headphones are the best headphones on the low-priced market. You won’t be disappointed.

The Behringer HPX2000 DJ headphones are available from Sweetwater, Amazon, eBay, and other electronics online sites. Save a few bucks and find a deal with free shipping. They are out there

Check them out on Sweetwater’s website by clicking here.


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