Nelson County Marriages, July 2021

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of July 2021 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Chad Everett Downs, 45, self-employed, Bardstown, and Ellen Elizabeth Snape, 37, housewife, Lebanon.

Dustin Ray Goode, 32, grain bagger, Bardstown, and Trinity Rose Mattingly, 21, housewife, Bardstown.

Demond Eugene Jackson, 48, registered nurse, Barsdtown, and Heather Jo Rich, 45, registered nurse, Bardstown.

John Luke Avis, 27, machinist, Cox’s Crrek, and Shelby Katherine Beaven, 26, student, Cox’s Creek.

Kevin Thomas Martin, 26, barber, Bardstown and Lauren Ashley Barbee, 26, student, Bardstown.

James Cody Neely, 25, security specialist, Cox’s Creek, and Cassidy Paige Rudolph, 26, teacher, Cox’s Creek.

Derek Thomas Miles, 25, shipping clerk, Bardstown, and Olivia Alexandra Kemp, 23, housewife, Bardstown.

Travis Alexander Goodwin, 45, flight simulator technician, Bardstown, and Rebecca Lynn Goodwin, 46, peer support specialist, Bardstown.

Benjamin Harrison Harley, 56, semi driver, Bardstown, and Mary Elaine Smith, 63, retired, Bardstown.

Charles Bernard Spannknebel, 40, barber, Bardstown, and Crystal Louise Haynes, 45, bank teller, Bardstown.

Derrick Shane Murphy, 36, laborer, Bardstown, and Kimberly Ann Honnadel, 29, stay-at-home mom, Bardstown.

Kenneth Lee Franklin III, 29, gym owner, Cox’s Creek, and Shelby Elaine Lurie, 25, teacher, Cox’s Creek.

Daniel Robert McMullan, 33, quality control, Bardstown, and Christian Olivia Washington, 23, stay-at-home mom, Bardstown.

Patrick Kylan Monin, 35, warehouse, Bardstown, and Kelsey Lynne Ward, 31, teacher, Bardstown.

Chandler Blake Rogers, 20, self-employed, Bardstown, and Maggie Marie Piles, 19, student, Bardstown.

William James Raymer, 34, factory worker, Bardstown, and Jennifer Marie Mudd, 36, Walmart stocker, Bardstown.

James Earl Dishon Jr., 47, platemaker, Bardstown, and Susan Rae Berry, 46, prepress, Bardstown.

Kristopher Wilhelm Sharpe, 54, self-employed, Bardstown, and Lisa Michele Hamm, 53, self-employed, Bardstown.

Michael Owen Garrett, 60, truck driver, Bardstown, and Agnes Mary Masterson, 62, retired, New Haven.

Douglas Lloyd Hagan, 64, self-employed, Bardstown, and Shaila Rose Meharry, 30, CNA, Bardstown.

Dakota Hunter Watson, 29, plumber, Bardstown, and Samantha Ann Diaz, 27, phlebotomist, Bardstown.

Dakota Nelson Walker, 21, Delivery driver, Bardstown, and Katrina Elysium Karnes, 18, unemployed, Mount Washington.

Terry Nicholas Todd, 28, factory worker, Bardstown, and Kerstin Dakota Locke, 26, factory worker, Bardstown.

Terry Lane Calvert, 60, factory worker, Bardstown, and Leslie Ann Calbert, 53, customer support rep., Bardstown.

Jason Dale Barnes, 45, automotive technician, Bloomfield, and Naomi Saramae Newton, 41, clerk, Bloomfield.

Christian Elliott Swarts, 40, marketing director, Bardsdtown, and Kelly Marie Hughes, 41, clerk, Bloomfield.

Jeremy Len Frye, 34, tech, Bardstown, and Catherine Joyce Vernon, 27, manager, Bardstown.

Alec Ray Coots, 23, shipping, Elizabethtown, and Estefania Danitza Encina Pavlich, 29, shipping, Bardstown.

Charles Shannon Ashby, 55, disabled, Jeffersonville, Ind., and Tamala Lou Parrish, 55, warehouse, Bardstown.

Joseph Terry Unseld, 64, Ford repair, Bardstown, and Anne Hall Polin, 60, healthcare auditor, Bardstown.

Holden Bryan Willett, 27, outside sales, Bardstown, and Sarah Catherine Russman, 24, registered nurse, Bardstown.


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