Kentucky State Police Post 4 to conduct traffic safety checkpoints in Nelson County


Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024, — Kentucky State Police Post 4 will be conducting periodic traffic safety checkpoints in the Post 4 area, which includes Hardin, Jefferson, Bullitt, Nelson, Meade, Breckinridge, Larue, and Grayson counties.

These checkpoints will be conducted as part of Post 4’s highway safety efforts. Troopers will be checking for violations of Kentucky traffic and regulatory laws relating to motor vehicle equipment safety, licensing of drivers, motor vehicle registration, and operation of motor vehicles while under the influence of intoxicants.

In Nelson County, the possible checkpoint locations include:

  • High Grove Rd KY 48 & Chaplin Rd
  • Nat Rogers Rd KY 46 & Nelsonville Rd KY 52
  • Loretto Rd KY 49 & Gilkey Run Rd
  • US 31E at intersection of KY 247 in Culvertown
  • US 31E at intersection of Icetown Road
  • KY 247 at intersection of Eddie Miles Road in Culvertown
  • KY 247 at Blanton Forde Road intersection, north of Howardstown
  • KY 84 at intersection of KY 462, Gleannings
  • Coon Hollow and Walter Hall Roads, New Hope
  • KY 84, Larue and Nelson County Line
  • KY 61, Nelson and Bullitt County Line
  • US 62 and KY 52, Boston
  • KY 48 at intersection of KY 509, Fairfield
  • US 62 at KY 162, east of Bardstown
  • KY 1066 at Chowning Lane
  • KY 49 at St. Mark’s Church, Loretto Road
  • US 62 West of Bardstown, Simpson Lake
  • US 62 and KY 458, Chaplin
  • KY 49, 5 7/10 miles south of Bardstown at the intersection of South Roberts Road at the Beech Fork Bridge.
  • US 31E and KY 0048
  • US 31E and Old Towne Drive (Approximately the 19 mile marker)
  • KY 52 between 3 and 4 mile markers)
  • KY 245 and KY 0332
  • KY 245 Deatsville Loop (Approximately the 11.5 mile point)
  • KY 49 and Gilkey Run Road (In front of Heaven Hill Distillery)
  • US 31E South at Southern States
  • US 31E at Flamingo Road (In front of Five Star Food Mart)
  • KY 245 at Glennwood Drive (South of the former Keystone Theater)
  • US 62 at South Center Street (East of the Nelson County Jail)
  • US 62 at 2nd Street (In front of Five Star Food Mart)
  • US 150 and KY 605 (Botland)
  • US 31E at KY 46 (Nat Rogers Road)
  • Ky 46 at Balltown Connector
  • Ky 46 (Nat Rogers at Patton Road)
  • Murrays Run Road at Hobbs Lane
  • Plumb Run Road at Stoner Road
  • KY 458 and KY 1066 Junction
  • Tunnell Mill Road at Broaddus Farms
  • KY 55 at Campground Road
  • US 62 at 1066
  • Holy Cross Road and Clarktown Road Intersection
  • KY 458 and BG Overpass
  • Coon Hollow Road, Gap Knob Road and Stringtown Road Intersections
  • Eddie Miles Road and Jim Clark Road Intersections
  • Holy Cross Road at the New Hope Fire House
  • Highview Church Road and Timbercreek Road
  • US 62 (Lawrenceburg Road) and Love Ridge Road
  • KY 523 (Deatsville Road) and Deatsville Road at the RR Tracks
  • US 62 East and KY 458
  • Parkway Drive and Woodlawn Road
  • Lawrenceburg Road at Lawrenceburg Loop
  • Traffic Intersection of KY 55 (Old Bloomfield Road) and US 62
  • KY 48 and Little Union Road
  • Old Bloomfield Road and Irish Ridge Road Intersection
  • Stringtown Road Hwy 1858 and Hilton Lane
  • Woodlawn Road at the Woodlawn Store Intersection
  • Tom Greer Road at the intersection of Shumate Lane
  • KY 52 at the intersection of Monks Road KY 247
  • Yates Cooney Neck RD at KY55 (both entrances)


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