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Clarification: Senior discount on county garbage rate includes a means test

By JIM BROOKSNelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio Thursday, May 18, 2023 — On Thursday, May 11th, I wrote and posted a news story about Nelson Fiscal Court’s approval of new garbage rates that will be effective July 1st, 2023. In that story, I mentioned that a discounted garbage rate (50 percent off the standard […]

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Legislative update: Bills aimed at improving state’s juvenile justice system

By CANDY MASSARONI50th District State Representative Wednesday, May 17, 2023 — Reforming the state’s dysfunctional and dangerous juvenile justice system was one of our top priorities going into the 2023 Regular Session. Incidents at our juvenile facilities – including riots, arson, and breakouts – escalated dramatically over the past couple of years with personnel and […]

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Letter: Leadership on Narcan issue will save lives

To the editor, The members of the Social Justice Committee of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension would like to add our voice to United for Recovery and other leaders, both individuals and groups, and speak out bravely and boldly to request that the leadership of Nelson County install Narcan vending machines. We believe that […]

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Massaroni: Improving the classroom environment for students and educators

By CANDY MASSARONI50th District State Representative. Tuesday, May 9, 2023 — In a survey of teachers in 2022, more than half of teachers who participated reported having a negative self-perception and well-being. In addition, 41 percent of teachers in that same survey reported they are not satisfied with the social and learning climate in their […]

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Dave Says: Is the threat of de-dollarization a real concern for investors?

Dear Dave, I’m hearing more and more about “de-dollarization” and how several countries are moving away from the U.S. dollar as their basis of international trade. Will this affect the strength of the dollar, and should I be concerned about how I’m saving and investing because of this? Zack Dear Zack, First and foremost, I […]

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Letter: Judge unapologetic for use of ‘fiery rhetoric’ aimed at bourbon industry

To the editor, Historically, Jim Brooks and I have agreed on most subjects.  However, I do not agree with some of his opinions posted in the Gazette on May 1st.  Because of a technical error in the April 14th meeting, the Magistrates felt that the first reading of the Zoning Moratorium should have been rescinded […]

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Opinion: Kudos to fiscal court for delay in approval of bourbon zoning moratorium

By JIM BROOKSNelson County Gazette Monday, May 1, 2023 –– After hearing from representatives of our local bourbon industry — all of whom expressed alarm at the public statements and the perception of an anti-bourbon attitude of county government — Nelson Fiscal Court unanimously voted at its last meeting to delay taking any action on […]

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Hutchins defends move to review, update bourbon warehouse zoning regulations

To the Editor and the Citizens of Nelson County: The fiscal court meeting on Tuesday evening revealed a significant disconnect between our community and the bourbon industry. As Judge-Executive, I campaigned on the belief that our role is to be the voice of the people who elected us and to be transparent with county residents. […]

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Letter: Put our values and community above what creates division

To the editor, In today’s world, it seems like division is rampant. Whether it’s on the local, state, or federal level, we often see people at odds with one another, differing in opinions, ideologies, and beliefs. This can lead to polarization, animosity, and a lack of progress. However, it’s time for us to rise above […]

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Letter: Magistrates should suspend bourbon IRBs, not add zoning regulations

To the editor, To the honorable Nelson County magistrates: One of the key questions I asked during the debates Nelson County America First held was your philosophy on property rights. Property rights is among the oldest of conservative ideals, reaching back to the Nation’s Founding Fathers who believed that government should sanction and protect the […]

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